First Class Secondhand Experts.

Who We Are

Who We Are
Team Thrift is comprised of subject matter experts who LOVE thrift! We understand the ins and outs of product lifecycles, warehouse management, hiring the right team, and making sure our customers are engaged!

We have built a team full of experts that support thrift stores in all aspects of their daily business, from operations to customers!

Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do
We know that thrifting is more than selling goods! It takes a lot to run a company that is successful from A-Z! We also know that your payroll can’t support a full team to get everything done you need to get done, including a business strategy!

Team Thrift has built a successful and skilled team that understands how to run the thrift market and handle your day to day operations. We also know that it takes a special type of team member that “gets thrift”. Our team is passionate about thrift and the missions behind our clients.

Why You Should Be A Part Of What We Do

Why Should You Be A Part Of What We Do?
Team Thrift offers a variety of services that can help your thrift business thrive! From Inventory Management to Payroll Support to Marketing, we do it all! Team Thrift provides a support team consisting of 10 Leadership Team Members to help create your business strategy and ensure proper execution of your business aspects. There are 5 additional team members that help provide support to ensure that your everyday business objectives are met!

First Hand Secondhand Experts Team Thrift!
  • Red Racks Thrift Stores
  • City Thrift

Red Racks is owned & operated by Disabled American Veterans and has 14 store locations throughout Missouri.

CT-iconCity Thrift is owned by City Union Mission and has 3 store locations in Missouri & Kansas.